Teaching Advanced Track class on Neurodynamics at the National Athletic Trainers' Association 68th Annual Clinical Syposia and AT Expo

I will be teaching an Advanced Track session at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s 68th Annual Clinical Symposia and AT Expo in Houston, Texas in June later this year. 

The session is titled Clinical Neurodynamic Diagnosis and Interpretation for the Upper and Lower Quarter.  It will be taught to athletic trainers of all levels in an effort to clearly and methodically offer participants new techniques for diagnosing musculoskeletal problems with a neural component.  These concepts help the trainer select and perform new diagnostic techniques without provoking symptoms and considers athletes with high to low irritability.  There will be a strong emphasis in lab on manual skills, precision and accuracy in order to perform a neurodynamic test appropriately, interpret results and convey that information to the appropriate provider.  Click on the link for more information.  I am looking forward to the opportunity!