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"Injuries can be extremely debilitating. I was a collegiate Cross-Country and Track athlete; over a fourteen-month span, I struggled with a number of nagging injuries including one that ultimately ended my senior season. I had seen a number of medical professionals, without seeing improvement, before finding myself in Dr. Wood’s care. He helped me out of an acute case of sciatic nerve pain in my left leg that would radiate to my toes and a maladaptive chronic running posture. The first day I saw him I couldn’t even take one running-step without intense pain. Now I am back to completely painless running and am on the steady trajectory to return to my previous competitive levels. If it weren’t for Dr. Wood’s knowledge and clinical skill I would still be struggling to pursue my passion”. - Lily S. 

"Carlo is an incredibly talented, gifted, and knowledgeable physiotherapist. These strengths, in combination with his attention to detail and genuine care for every patient, creates an unmatched level of care. Personally, I had a chronic case of patellar tendonitis that had held me out of volleyball for a year and had driven me to see different orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, and physical therapists. When I was fortunate enough to find Carlo, he guided me in as little as two months to not only recovering from my condition, but playing volleyball five days a week and ultimately being named BCL-East League MVP. Those are results that can only be described as ideal and aren't surprising considering how good Carlo is at what he does. He is an impressive physiotherapist that I can highly recommend."  C. Fromer

"After a year following a serious patellar fracture, two surgeries and treatment by numerous reputable physical therapists, I was unable to progress with mobility and pain management. I was feeling hopeless and desperate and was in constant pain. I wondered if I would ever be able to walk normally again. With Carlo's expert diagnosis, caring approach and consistent, diligent treatment, I steadily improved. I am now pain free and have returned to running and my regular fitness program. I am beyond thrilled with my progress and forever grateful to Carlo for making it possible." -Jennifer B.

"I was sent to Dr. Wood by my orthopedic surgeon, for pre and post physical therapy, for an ACL replacement surgery. Dr. Wood, asked me what activities I wanted to return to, and set out achieving this as the goal. He listened. He monitored. He adjusted treatment plans to support my goals. He inspired me, in a calm, non-threatening way, to do the work. As a 63 year old female, I was returned to full sports activity. I highly recommend him." J. Campbell

"Carlo was my first physical therapist after my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  That was five years ago. His words of advice still resonate with me today. I am no longer able to drive to an appointment, but I carry his words with me every day.
At the time of seeing him, I was unwilling to exercise as often as it would take to improve or stabilize my situation. I was working and I loved my work. I have since had to give up work and I currently exercise three hours a day with Carlo "sitting on my shoulder."
His kind encouragement and fantastic ideas always helped. At times, he preferred to refer me to someone who specialized more in the disease I had. I never wanted to leave him. I didn't think anyone else could be as kind and encouraging as he.  I thought he was brilliant and helpful and quite enough for me!
Just today, I was making a plan to walk on my walker outside instead of the laps I do in my house. Once again, I thought of Carlo. "Anyone can add a minute a day to their routine." I think of this all of the time, whether it is on my treadmill, my leg cycle, my arm cycle for my walker! I will use his advice as I start out on this new endeavor, walking outside, instead of inside, on my walker.
In short, I would highly recommend him."

"Understanding pain science helped me decrease my fear and changed my mind set that I would be an invalid the rest of my life.  It enabled me to take control and improve my movement impairments.  I know my pain and I know the gain of proactive behavior."

"Explaining to me why I have had pain for so many years helped me move more now than any other physical therapy I have experienced since my problem began."